Kerry Schmoock is the founder of Luxury Life Travel.  Having travelled for most of her life, Kerry won her first trip overseas as a result of raising money for charity.  From the shores of Kangaroo Island to the flashy lights and glamour of London and Europe, it was a trip at a very young age, which opened her eyes to a very different world.  Ever since travelling has become a way of life which has evolved into a business of taking care of discerning travellers.  Having explored some of the most desired places on earth, including the stunning North Island in the Seychelles, Amanpulo, Cheval Blanc Randheli in the Maldives, the magic of Bhutan, the majestic Lake Como, pristine waters of Bora Bora and many of our favourite cities.  

Your life is an opportunity to explore beyond the norm, experience something new, inspiring and exciting - what you will discover may be the key to success and happiness.

An intuitive sense, a spirited determination to reach out beyond traditional service and first-hand knowledge of some of the the world's most beautiful places.

This is the mantra and the reason we follow our heart and soul and help you find your purpose each and every time your travel.



“Travel opens the eyes, touches the heart and enriches the soul.”